Organizational Tools and Notetaking

These are smart new technologies that could help students as well as business professionals recall what happened in a class or meeting, even if they can’t decipher their own handwritten notes. Users can also take notes from a textbook by highlighting the text with a scanning pen.

For iPad apps that provide Assistive Writing support CLICK HERE

Information for iPads changes on a daily basis, and prices for apps vary by the hour. 
PLEASE NOTE: These apps and products are not endorsed by my employer, this website is an independent resource.  This is simply a list of apps that have been tried by therapists and teachers who have rated them highly. 
Study/Notetaking Supports --
Livescribe SmartPen and Sky Pen-- A pen with a video camera and audio recorder.  Take notes on your paper and it will record what is happening when you write your notes.  Later you can play back information by tapping a word on the page, or download your writing to a computer and search your notes.

Wizcom ReadingPen -- Able to scan lines of text to be downloaded later.  Has text-to-speech and dictionary support.