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The following handouts are ones from past trainings for various groups, feel free to use as resources but please do not distribute or use for trainings without permission.  Thank you! Contact me at

PLEASE NOTE: These apps and products are not endorsed by my employer, this website is an independent resource.  This is simply a list of apps that have been tried by therapists and teachers who have rated them highly. IPad and disabilities video links:

iPad and Disabilities.pdf

iPad and Disabilities full day.pdf

iEmpowerment learning disabilities.pdf

Visual Impairment and IPads.pdf

New iPad accessibility settings.pdf

Learning Disabilities and the iPad .pdf

ISP training outline.pdf

iPad mult. disabilities.pdf

Full iPad app list.pdf

Comparison of portable tech solutions.pdf

Becoming Han Solo- NY times video about a young man with severe physical disabilities and his use of an iPad.

A magazine is an IPad that does not work

Child with CVI using an iPad

60 minutes iPad use and Autism