Speech Recognition

Speech recognition allows an individual to talk to the computer and it will attempt to type what the individual is saying.  This technology has become more and more accurate over the years and is now built into many operating systems as a standard feature.

Integrated Voice Recognition Systems-

iPad 3 and many Android devices- integrates voice recognition into all keyboards and the dictation feature is compatible with text to speech, word prediction and other features.
iPad 3rd generation speech recognition instructions
iPad 1 and 2 use Paperport app (free) or Dragon Dictate (Free)
Android Features of Speech Recognition

Windows and Mac Operating System- Both newer operating systems have a free voice recognition that works throughout the computer.
How to use Windows Speech Recognition- click here
How to use Mac Speech Recognition- click here

Other free options include www.talktyper.com a website with speech recognition imbedded in the site.

For individuals with more difficulty reading and editing their work, SpeakQ is a good option for supporting selections on prediction lists and even helping the writer through the voice training by reading the training to them.  There are no complicated commands or rules to learn.

For individuals who need less support, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is a very fast and accurate option for dictation. It provides text-to-speech and voice playback as editing support but no reading of the choice list without a separate screen reader.  Dragon does require training, self-monitoring and editing for the user to be successful.

For iPad apps that provide Assistive Writing support CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: These apps and products are not endorsed by my employer, this website is an independent resource.  This is simply a list of apps that have been tried by therapists and teachers who have rated them highly. 

Speech Recognition --

SpeakQ -- A simple speech recognition program that has maximum supports for dyslexic individuals, including text-to-speech word lists and trainings read to the writer (wordq.com)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium-- Very accurate speech recognition, but requires training and consistency. Can be used with screen readers for more support.  www.nuance.com

Dragon on iPhone/iTouch -- www.nuance.com

Dragon Dictate for Mac -- www.nuance.com