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Welcome to!  This website was created as a friendly collection of information about many different technology interventions for individuals and a support site for the many trainings that occur throughout the calendar year.

PLEASE NOTE: These apps and products are not endorsed by my employer, this website is an independent resource.  This is simply a list of apps that have been tried by therapists and teachers who have rated them highly. 

Click on the icon that matches the intervention you would like to investigate or the training you have recently attended!

iPads and DisabilitiesiPads_and_Disabilities.html
Low and Mid-Level Writing TechnologyWriting_Technology.html
Speech RecognitionSpeech_Rec.html
Reading Technology Reading_Tech.html
Augmentative Communication and LanguageAug_Com.html
Organization and Note-TakingOrganization_and_note-taking.html
Switches and Computer Access
for LiteracyAccess.html

Screen Reading and Technology for the Visually Impaired

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