iPads and Disabilities

iPads have become a powerful tool for students with disabilities to access educational opportunities. iPads are being featured more and more on the news, and parents are excited by simple, easy-to-use devices and educational apps. iPads are not the “solution” for all disabilities but can be a valuable resource for reaching our kids with motor, speech, communication and social skills difficulties.

Information for iPads changes on a daily basis, and prices for apps vary by the hour.

PLEASE NOTE: These apps and products are not endorsed by my employer, this website is an independent resource.  This is simply a list of apps that have been tried by therapists and teachers who have rated them highly. 

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        IPad Basics                   IPad adaptations for Disabilities                              Education                                 Learning Disabilities

   How does it work?                       

           Fine Motor                               Visual Perceptual Skills               Sensory, Life Skills and Social Skills           Gross Motor Skills / PT

   Behavior Management                      Visual Impairments                          Apps for Touch Learning                Ways to use existing therapy



        Autism Specific                           Speech and Language               How to Find Funding for an iPad             How to find apps and free                                                                                                                                                                                                             



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